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From 1975 till 2010. Whew! That’s 35 years with 47 canoe & kayak designs developed. Huge volumes of kayak units sold. The final 13 years working alone. The 2010 retirement came easy. We simply locked up the highly mechanised kayak factory. This composite workshop still gets lots of use on personal hobby projects. Retirement is good. This website is all about providing our 12,000 customers with a source of spare parts and kayak maintenance (Manual) knowledge.

There is a rumour going around that I still make a kayak or two for myself.

Used kayaks – 2018 winter clearance. New Evolution Edge (gelcoat repair).  Near new Nucleus 80 demo boat. Near new Evolution Omega demo boat.  Plus others. Watch this space.

Phone: 027 2755 499Email: grahame@sissonkayaks.co.nz

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