The Grove Arm from another angle

March 2018.  Retirement is good. My retirement hobbies include energy substitution (going well), building a larger boat (started 1986 – burned 1996 – launched 2017) and the provision of safe drinking water nationwide (slow-to-stalled). I have made three public submissions, and two private submissions to the Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry. The Stage 1 Inquiry Report indicates that source waters are not protected by the National Environment Standard for Drinking Water. “Your (polluted) stream is my drinking water catchment”. The report also indicates that the Ministry of Health has been asleep-at-the-wheel whilst refusing to administer its own Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand (DWSNZ). The (nationwide) Stage 2 HN Inquiry Report has been released. Vindication! Expect huge Drinking Water changes ahead. To learn more – click on my ‘ABOUT’ dropdown menu. Then click ‘Drinkable Water’

And why not broaden this website to include safe water? Kayaking is best done on water that is not polluted.

The historic stuff

I built my first boat at age 4. I remember the episode well. We lived on an orchard in Papanui Christchurch. I sealed up the gaps in a wooden black current picking tray with mud and launched it into a water trough. It floated – so I jumped onto it – went down like the Titanic. That was a very early lesson about hull volume! The second lesson – never do such testing just after my mum had me all cleaned and dressed to go to town shopping. I would have found the recently passed anti-smacking legislation handy that day.

I am a motor mechanic – starting my five year apprenticeship in Waiau in 1959 and finishing in Nelson. By 1969 I was Service Manager at a large Ford garage with responsibilty for 40 staff. In1974 I started my own manufacturing business assisting inventors to develop their ideas to market level. This involved both metal and fibreglass production.

Boats have never been far away in one form or other. My parents lived in the Grove Arm of Queen Charlotte Sound. By 1965 I had my own really fast (for 1965) ski boat. By 1968 I had my own racing hydroplane, used in 1969 to win the class National Championship. I had always been fascinated with kayaks because of the simplicity. When the opportunity arose – I had to have one.

Snow skiing has always been my main sport. I love the mountain basins. I love the freedom. I love the challenge – my skills against the mountain. I love the speed.

These days we live in the Grove Arm of Marlborough Sounds and ski in Methven. The six hour commute is better than watching TV. The summer Sounds climate is very nice. The winter Methven climate is very nice. We follow the nice climate.

Since 1997 until 2010 my natural inventiveness that had previously reflected in product innovation, has been channelled 95% into the factory – which is off-limits to visitors. The main manufacturing was done inside four 40ft containers that have been greatly modified. My manufacturing is highly mechanized.

“This Methven composite ‘hobby-workshop’  is the best workplace I have ever worked in. Great music thru the Apple Airport! Air conditioned to set temperature – and very – very efficient.”

Grahame Sisson


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