Space Ship Earth – It’s all that we have.

Anyone with half-a-brain would look after it

Ah well – NASA’s marvellous Kepler satellite (Click here) has done its best to find us a new home. Maybe NASA’s new ungraded TESS satellite (click here) will find us a new home.

Two problems

  1. The “Habital-Zone planets so far discovered are millions-of-human-life-spans distant.
  2. Bad news for Mars-bound astronauts – cosmic rays damage your GI tract (Click here)

Clearly each and every one of us should daily reflect on our – LUCK. Just to exist.

It looks as though we are between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place!

It seems to me that planet earth is a fluke. We are a fluke. We should all contemplate and embrace that ‘fact’.

Why do we still carry on like Stone-Age cavemen? Wasters!

My belief is – we are alone. Spaceship Earth – WOW!

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